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Planning to order a new window for your home? You must be ready to decide whether you want to order it with brick mold or any other exterior casing. According to an average installation of doors and windows with brick mold, almost 90% of the people in Calgary use brick mold but don’t even know about this exterior frame. 

What is Brick Mold?

Brick mold is just a casing around the windows and doors, making them safe and secure. There is no concern about bricks in brick mold. Most of the people misunderstand this word as it is something related to the bricks. Going to define brick mold, so you do have a better understanding of it. 

The purpose of brick mold is to fill the internal gap of the windows to make them safe from weather damage. As moisture or humidity may cause microorganisms to grow they can cause serious health problems. If the brick mold does not have an exterior frame, we will not call it brick mold. Without exterior framing it is not brick mold, it is known as facing.

Why is Brick Mold Important?

The role of brick mold is very important in the safety and security of windows. It provides a protective layer to make windows safe from any damage as well as helps to prevent water and moisture from entering the window frame. 

Water and moisture allow the microorganism to grow faster inside the frame which may cause serious health problems, such as respiratory disorders or allergic reactions. Without a brick mold, there is a space left between, which may cause water infiltration issues. 

It is important to seal your window properly to make it energy efficient otherwise, the gaps will allow the warm or cool air to escape from the room. Brick mold allows you to create a quieter environment inside the home by reducing the noise coming from outside. 

Moreover, you can customize the brick mold as per the style of your home as these come in multiple shapes and sizes to enhance the architectural look of your home.

4 Best Types of Brick Mold on Window and Door

Brick mold’s longevity and performance are quality-dependent. There are multiple types of brick mold are available in the market, but the top-quality options include:

1. Vinyl Brick Mold:

Among the different types of brick mold, vinyl brick mold is one the best option for those living in areas where heavy rainfall is the main concern because vinyl brick mold gives an extra layer to protect the windows from water damage. 

If you compare the price with other types of brick mold, this is the cheaper one. Mostly, it comes in white color, and there is no need to paint this mold.

2. Wood Brick Mold:

This type of brick mold is more expensive than other types. Also, these brick molds need proper maintenance like painting and staining is required after a period of time. The availability of the brick molds is usually in two types that are stain grain wood or finger-jointed pine

So, if the quality of the wood is not that good like the wood is soft and the weather conditions like rain or any other weather conditions affect these windows will not last longer. 

3. PVC Brick Mold:

PVC brick mold is also known as composite brick mold as it combines all the good qualities of vinyl as well as wood brick mold. Mostly, these molds are used to enhance the ambiance of a home by giving beautiful exterior framing to doors and windows. 

4. Metal Brick Mold:

The composition of each metal is different. Different metals are used for different purposes. For brick molds, Aluminum is one of the best options. The metal mold is not as good as wood, PVC, or vinyl, yet these brick molds are available in the market. Installation cost is higher than others as these molds provide an extra layer of protection just because of having a slow decay rate.

Factors to Consider in Selecting Brick Mold Material

There are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing the material for a brick mold. If you are looking for a traditional look you can go for Wood brick mold, but keep in mind the cons of it as wood is more prone to moisture damage. Also, wood needs more maintenance than that of vinyl and Aluminum. So, if you are looking for the most durable brick molds that require less maintenance, you can go for Aluminum and vinyl. 

Choose BLVD Windows and Doors

You can take assistance regarding brick mold pricing and material guidance with the BLVD Windows and Doors replacement before making a decision. Contact us now to improve the aesthetics of your home. Let’s talk about your window replacement and upgrade your home’s look and energy efficiency today.

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