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Egress windows are also known to be emergency exits as these are used at times of emergency, such as fires, floods, or any other disaster. Any window can be the egress window if it has a specific size and it meets the requirement and placement of the egress window. 

Egress windows are important for the purpose of safety at any place, including homes, offices, hospitals, or any location, as these doors offer an emergency escape route during emergencies like fires and floods. These doors play an important role in giving security as well as saving your goods by allowing smoke to disperse outside.

Prioritizing Egress Windows for Safety and Compliance

If you have not installed the egress window at your home, it’s a violation of regulations. Because any time you can go through the emergency for the purpose of protection, make sure to install egress windows. 

Most of the people convert the basement of their homes into bedrooms and do not install egress windows. It’s important to check the specifications in guest bedrooms and offices.

Whenever you plan a room renovation, ensure it complies with egress window regulations. To keep your basement bedroom fire-safe, install egress windows on a priority basis. 

Top Facts About Egress Windows?

There are several things to know and to keep in mind before you ask a window contractor for egress windows. These are discussed below:

Size Requirements

Most of us do not even know that according to the rules and regulations, it is mandatory to install the egress windows as specific regulations govern their construction. Nowadays, people prefer to install egress windows, but in older homes, these windows are not present. 

So, as per Calgary Government regulations, such as the International Residential Code (IRC), there are some requirements for egress windows to install which you should keep in mind before installation:

Laws and Regulations

Each country has its own rules and regulations. In Calgary, like in many other places, the specific laws and regulations related to egress windows can be different, so before buying, it is important to consult a professional like BLVD Windows and Doors, so that you may get the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

Additional Facts About Egress Windows

Following are some important things that you should keep in mind before installing egress windows in Calgary:

National Building Code (NBC)

Calgary follows the same National building code Calgary as Canada, which has some basic requirements for egress windows.

Specific size and accessibility criteria are the main requirements of NBC. Window Size and Dimensions: Egress windows must meet minimum size requirements to provide a safe exit in case of emergencies. Common criteria include a minimum width, height, and net clear opening.

Sill Height

There are some specific requirements regarding the height of the sill. Make sure that it still has enough height for escape and rescue purposes.

Window Wells

In these regulations, there is a complete guide on how to use window wells and what the dimensions should be to ensure safe egress. 

Fire Safety

Calgary may have additional requirements related to fire safety and egress windows, especially in bedrooms or basement living spaces.

Permits and Inspections

There are some rules and regulations for the installation of egress windows in Calgary, so if you are planning to install egress windows in Calgary, you must seek permission from the city so that they may check if you follow the rules and regulations. 

Emergency Exit Path

Rules and regulations include a safe outdoor pathway to ensure safe escape in case of emergency.

So, to make sure you are following rules and regulations when installing egress windows in Calgary, it is important to consult with the Planning and Development department in Calgary. They can give you complete information as well as help you in the permitting process if required. 


To make your home safe and secure, contact BLVD Windows and Doors, as we are providing the best services related to windows and door replacement. Our expert egress window repair and replacement services ensure your peace of mind. Contact us today for a free consultation. Make your home safe with BLVD – where safety meets quality.

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