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Screen doors were first invented in the 19th century when wires were made for the very first time. It was Victoria’s era when, with the help of machines, wires, and weaves were used together to make screens. At the same time, people started making many wooden as well as decorative designs for the screens. 

The advancement of that time made us able to use the screen doors today. These were designed to ensure the protection of homes from insect attacks such as pests, bugs, debris, as well as other elements. 

8 Best and Affordable Screen Door Alternatives

Screen doors are the best options when you want fresh air or sunshine to enter the home in the summer, but these doors are not ideal for every home. Also, most people do not like the appearance of screen doors as these doors do not offer an aesthetic look to the home. 

Also, these screens are more prone to damage by pet attacks, so people start looking for alternatives. Nowadays, there are so many alternatives to screens available without the risk of getting damaged, as well as providing similar benefits. The best and most affordable alternatives to screen doors are:

1. Storm Doors

If you are looking for the best alternative to screen doors, you can go for storm doors, as these are safer, affordable, and easy to install. Screen doors are also good, but screen doors tear and break easily. Storm doors are made in such a way that these doors do not tear or break easily. 

So, the life expectancy of storm doors is greater than that of screen doors. The purpose of both is almost safe. One thing about the storm doors is that there is a lock installed in them that offers security to homeowners. 

You can go for storm doors if you are looking for alternatives to screen doors, as storm doors protect your home from bugs, debris, etc, as well as ensure the safety of the home. 



2. Fly Door Blinds

If you are looking for a barrier between the door and the home to keep insects out, fly door blinds are the best option. Sometimes, screen doors do not work well for keeping the insects out. For that purpose, fly door blinds are the best option. Fly door blinds are easy to install. 

You have to hang these blinds on the doors, and you are done. These doors stick to the frame or to the ceiling without any problem. These blinds do not allow the bugs or debris to enter inside the home. One thing best about these is that you can keep them open to allow the fresh air to enter inside the home. 

These blinds are inexpensive, so they do not cost you much. If you are planning to purchase these blinds, here is a cost guide for you. These blinds cost you not more than $10-30$. 



3. Magnetic Screen

If you are looking for cheaper and easy-to-install options for the screen doors, you can go for the best alternative to the screen doors, which is the magnetic screen. These screens are fixed with magnets, so you can hang or pull them easily. 

These screens are foldable, so if you want fresh air to enter your home, you can fold these screens easily. Some homeowners love to have pets at home, like dogs; these screens are a plus point for them. 

Magnetic screens are budget-friendly. You can go for magnetic screens if you want to save money because these screens cost you around 20-60$. Also, these are easy to install, even if it takes only 10 minutes to install. 



4. Mosquito Net

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and effective alternative to screen doors, you can go for a mosquito net. Look, it is not appealing, but it gives you protection from the bugs coming inside your home as well as ensuring peace of mind. 

Mosquito nets can be used for temporary purposes only as these nets are not durable. But one of the best options to keep mosquitos out of home. You can cut these nets according to the dimensions of the door to make it a perfect fit for your home. 

To install a mosquito net, it will require only 30 minutes. The mosquito net is not visually appealing, so if you are looking for something visually appealing, do not go for a mosquito net. 



5. Retractable Doors

Retractable doors are almost similar to magnetic screens. So, if you are looking for something that allows you to have more space whenever you want, you can go for retractable doors, as these are foldable. You can fold these doors whenever you want. 

Now, if we talk about the cost of these doors, these doors cost you more than the above options. So, if you are planning for durable retractable doors, you must expect the cost of installation to be around $70-160. Retractable doors are a combination of both magnetic screens and screen doors, so if you want the better of these two, you can go for retractable doors. 



6. Velcro Screen

Hooks and loops are used to attach the Velcro screens to window frames. Strip is attached to the screens to open or shut the screen. These screens allow fresh air to enter inside while keeping the bugs outside the home. You can install these windows in less than 10 minutes. 

You can set these according to the dimensions of the door to make it a perfect fit for your home. The fabric that is used to design these screens is thin, which is why these screens are not durable and can tear easily. 

These screens are affordable and easy to install. So, if you are looking for alternatives to screen doors, you can go for these screens. Costs you around 30$, but every penny is worth it. These screens are the best temporary idea if you want to use something in place of a door. 



7. Security Doors

Security doors offer multiple benefits. These doors provide extra security as well as let the fresh air enter inside and keep the bugs away from entering the home. Just go for security doors if you want added security to your home as well as keep the insect attack away. These doors ensure peace of mind as well as safety. These doors are specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as insect attacks.

Security doors are made with different kinds of materials, so these are available in different designs as well. You can choose these doors according to the aesthetics of your home. These doors cost you approx. 110-600$, but every single penny is worth it as it gives security benefits as well as bug prevention.



8. Macrame Curtain

If you want your home to look more attractive, you can go for these appealing Macrame curtains. Over the past few years, Macrame curtains have taken the place of screens and other types of curtains as these provide an appealing look as well as prevent large bugs from entering the home.  

There are maximum chances of small bugs entering the home as macramé curtains are not fully sealed. If bugs are not the problem, you can choose macramé curtains as these allow fresh air to enter the home. 

You can go for these curtains if the main purpose is maintaining the aesthetic look of your home. 

These curtains cost you around $20. But the more the investment, the more the benefit. If you want durable curtains, spend up to $40 for better quality. 



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