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Prevent mold on windows in Calgary, Canada

Mold formation on windows is one of the major problems in countries where the climate remains highly humid because mold grows in humid and moist places. The temperature in Calgary at the time remains near -5ᵒC to -15ᵒC and can even drop to as low as -30ᵒC to -40ᵒC. 

In Calgary, the weather conditions are wet and humid, so the chances of mold growth are maximum. It is important to prevent the growth of mold as it may cause serious health problems as well and the quality of indoor air is compromised by the growth of mold. 

If you are facing problems related to mold growth in Calgary, this article is a complete guide for you on How to prevent mold on windows, how mold can be dangerous to your health as well and how to clean mold from windows.

How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

In Calgary, as the weather conditions are mostly moist or wet, mold production is normal. Most people are sensitive to mold as it is a fungus that may cause serious allergic reactions as well as health issues. Some common symptoms that were noticed after the mold exposure were:

Health Risks of Mold Around Windows and Prevention

People suffering from asthma or any other respiratory disorder are more prone to get affected by mold as their immune system overreacts if they breathe in an environment where mold spores are present. 

With the growth of molds, there is the production of some unstable organic compounds, cells, or fragments that further produce allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins. So, people who are sensitive to these allergens or irritants may get affected faster. 

Production of mold is normal around the windows, but sometimes it goes unnoticed. If you notice mold production around the windows, remove it as soon as possible, but if it goes unnoticed, there is a maximum chance of it spreading to the rest of the house. 

There are different species of molds with different colors that can be visible on windows, such as red mold, white mold, yellow mold, green mold, pink mold, black mold, etc. So by preventing the production of mold, we may also prevent these serious health problems.

How Does Mold Grow on Windows?

The growth of molds on and around the windows may cause serious health issues. But do you know the reason behind this? Why does mold grow on and around windows?

Dust is the reason behind this. Dust consists of hair, clothes threads, dead cells, soil particles, & and pollen that collectively cause and affect the production of mold on and around windows. 

Most homeowners when they open their windows after a long winter season first spot a visible mold on windows that is usually the black mold. This black mold production is common but it’s dangerous too. But do not worry this issue can be resolved and the production of molds can be prevented. 

3 Best Ways To Avoid Mold Around the Windows

Preventing mold growth on and around the windows is usually a very simple process. But mold growth at different places is because of different reasons.  Here are the five best ways to prevent mold growth at different parts of windows:

1. Preventing Mold on Window Sills

Mold growth is maximum in humid and moist places, but the question is, what kind of mold grows on window sills? In most houses, the material that is used in the formation of window sills is usually wood and aluminum and mold requires organic matter and humidity for growth. So both are present in Wood and aluminum sills that allow mold to grow fast. 

2. Preventing Mold on Glass Windows

So after reading the title the question that arises is can mold grow on glass? Mostly mold does not grow on glass as glass panes of the windows are not made of organic material, but still, there are some chances of mold growth depending on different factors such as dust, moisture, etc. If there is moisture bound between the double panes of the windows, this may cause mold growth. 

3. Cleaning Aluminum Window Tracks

Modern window panes are designed in a way that they have tracks made up of aluminum that help glass panes slide open and close. These tracks allow the dust and moisture to accumulate, allowing mold to grow. To prevent mold from growing in Aluminum window tracks, it is essential to do proper cleaning. However, it is difficult but necessary to prevent mold growth.

Cleaning Mold From Other Parts of Windows

Usually, removing mold is not a big deal. You can remove molds by using mild detergent. Do not scrub or wipe the window surface before applying detergent. Molds can also be removed by dissolving a cap of detergent in 3-4 liters of warm water. 

Make sure you are following precautionary measures while removing molds from the window as it can cause serious health problems. Use gloves and a face mask while cleaning the window. After cleaning, let the window remain open for proper ventilation. 

Additional Tip To Avoid Mold

You can prevent mold from coming back to your window by proper cleaning. Do window dusting after every 2 or 3 days. Use a humidifier to reduce humidity. This can help you reduce the risk of mold growth. 


In Calgary, due to the highly humid climate, the growth of mold is maximum. Proper cleaning and controlling humidity can prevent mold growth. It is necessary to prevent mold growth because mold can cause serious health problems. If you do proper cleaning and maintain humidity it can help you reduce the risk of mold growth. Also, after cleaning, make sure that there is proper ventilation to make the surface dry and not humid to prevent mold growth. Connect with BLVD Windows and Doors to learn more. Now, you can protect your home against mold and upgrade to high-quality windows today. Contact us for expert guidance and consultation.

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