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Are you looking for a solution for how to fix drafty windows? Windows gives our home a beautiful as well as an attractive appearance. They are used for the purpose of ventilation as well as for saving energy. But what if windows are letting air in? This can be a major problem for you.

Are you facing the same issue? Planning to replace windows at your home or looking for some effective ways to fix drafty windows? Do not go for a replacement. We have good news for you. In this guide, you will learn about the best alternatives to drafty window repair, tips for their maintenance, and much more. Let’s get into further details!

Why Does Windows Get Drafty?

Over time, windows can wear out. There are some signs that occur when you need to fix drafty windows; these include cracks, weak caulking, and shrinking problems. If your windows let in cold air and hike up your energy bill, it’s time to fix this issue. These will also save almost 20% of your energy bills or more. 

5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Revive Your Old Windows

The following  are the 5 easy ways to revive your old windows and make them more efficient at an affordable cost:

1. Repair or Add New Weather Stripping

To prevent drafts from the windows, you can use weather stripping made up of plastic. Install these stripping from outside of the windows, and you will get quick results. This will block cold air from entering the home. 

2. Get a Window Draft Stopper

Another way to stop cold air from entering inside from the windows is to use a draft stopper. Draft stoppers block the outside cold air from entering the inside. Draft stoppers are filled with solid material. What you have to do is to place these stoppers at the bottom to block air from entering inside. These stoppers are not fixed; you can remove them whenever you want.

3. Cover Cracks with Nail Polish

If there are very small cracks in windows that are letting air in, these cracks can be covered by using nail paint, but make sure the window is not coated, as nail paint can damage window coating. 

4. Wrap the Windows with Film

In winter, when you do not want to open the windows, you can use insulating films. You can stick these films with tape; it seals your windows tight and keeps drafts out. But be careful; it can harm surfaces when you remove it in the spring.

5. Use Interior Storm Windows

Interior storm windows are great because they fit right into your existing window frames, as these are easy to install. They keep your home cosy by sealing out drafts without affecting the overall look of the window. The best thing about these is that they’re cost-effective and improve energy efficiency without harming your window’s appearance.

Why Choose Us For Your Drafty Windows Needs?

Tired of drafty windows? Skip costly replacements. We have got affordable solutions to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Reach out to BLVD Windows and Doors today for further details. Contact BLVD Windows and Doors now for an attractive home transformation!

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