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How long do vinyl windows last

How long do vinyl windows last? Before addressing this question, we must know what vinyl windows are. Vinyl is a material that is usually used for replacement windows. But how vinyl windows are made? These are made with polyvinyl chloride, the ethylene, and chlorine blend. The best thing about vinyl is that it is a special plastic not damaged by water. Also, it breaks down slowly.

Vinyl windows are the best option if you are looking for an alternative to expensive windows. If you are planning to purchase a new window, ensure that the company warrants the windows for a defined period; this will help you justify their quality and price. 

So, go for the windows with significant life expectancy because it could be valuable for your home as it helps prevent replacement costs in the future. This article is a complete guide for homeowners to understand the life expectancy of windows and what they can expect from new or existing vinyl windows.

3 Best Types of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are available in multiple qualities and appearances. The top 3 types of vinyl windows are:

  1. Standard Vinyl Windows

Standard vinyl is the type of vinyl that is most simple and commonly used. As we have already discussed, the material of vinyl production is PVC; no extra material is used in this. If you are going for standard vinyl windows, this will give your room an effortless look, but some problems are things that could be improved by adding, wrapping, and cracking issues over the period. 

  1. Composite Vinyl Windows

Composite vinyl windows are windows in which the mixture makes a frame of the window of other materials, such as fiberglass or wood. These frames make these windows stronger than the standard vinyl windows. The life expectancy of these windows is longer than the traditional vinyl windows. One thing that makes these windows better than traditional vinyl windows is the insulation properties.

  1. Engineered Vinyl Windows

The manufacturing of these types of windows is uniquely done by multiple manufacturers, meaning that the definition of each engineered vinyl window is different. As compared to standard vinyl, engineered vinyl is specifically processed to enhance its distinct properties. 

The specific processing strengthens these windows and prevents fading, bending, and wrapping.  For example, Anlin windows. These are manufactured with extruded vinyl that is titanium dioxide to enhance these windows’ durability, strength, and energy efficiency. 

Vinyl Windows Average Life Expectancy

On average, the life expectancy of vinyl windows is nearly 20-40 years. However, different factors contribute to the life expectancy of vinyl windows, such as sunlight or heat. The windows that are under direct sunlight could not last long. Heat is the primary factor contributing to Window deterioration, so long story short, the areas where the climate is hot require frequent window replacement. 

Vinyl Window Longevity and Maintenance Tips

The important reason for frequent window replacement is the humidity because there are maximum chances of microorganisms growth in moist and humid places that could harm health. In the areas where weather conditions are favorable, vinyl windows last much longer than average. 

So, if you are planning to purchase vinyl windows, you can go for these windows as these windows are affordable, durable, and energy efficient. 

Now, the question that arises here is how you can enhance the life expectancy of vinyl windows. The answer to your question is here. Maintenance is the key! The homeowners who take good care of the windows and do proper maintenance can expect greater life expectancy. 

Warranty Period

An important thing to keep in mind is the warranty period that a manufacturer offers. Because the warranty period defines the life expectancy of the windows. There are several manufacturers that offer a warranty of almost 15 years for vinyl windows while some offer a warranty period of 20-25 years. 

The longer the period of warranty, the greater the chances of replacement. But the question here is what kind of losses are covered under warranty?  But keep in mind that If the loss is caused by a harsh climate or the window is broken intentionally, that will not fall under warranty. The following losses fall under the warranty:

Why Choose BLVD Windows and Doors?

Vinyl windows typically last for several decades, but their lifespan can vary depending on different factors, such as quality and maintenance. For durable, long-lasting vinyl windows, trust BLVD Windows and Doors. Contact us now to know more about our selection and also you can schedule a consultation. Secure the future of your home with our reliable window replacements.

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